Conservatory Refurbishments

Here at Carter Glass, we offer homeowners in Hockley the chance to completely reinvent their extensions with our conservatory refurbishments. Own an outdated conservatory, orangery or extension? You may be suffering from inadequate performance and home security and might be in dire need of an update.

Instead of having to replace your conservatory completely, often incurring the staggering cost of a brand new extension, we offer our valued customers all the benefits of a modern conservatory at a fraction of the cost with our conservatory refurbishments. Reclaim your extension and begin to enjoy a thermally efficient, reliably secure and renovated conservatory today! Simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

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Thermally Efficient

When it comes to conservatories, thermal efficiency can often be the make or break attribute that dictates how homeowners in Hockley are able to enjoy their extensions. Unfortunately, an astonishing amount of homeowners often suffer from thermally inefficient conservatories. This means having to deal with an extension that is often too hot or cold, often due to the corresponding weather outside, making your conservatory near inhospitable during the extreme temperatures of Winter and Summer. This is often due to older designs of conservatories utilising outdated designs.

However, instead of having to replace your extension, you can invest in our conservatory refurbishments for an upgraded design, offering all the modern benefits of a brand new conservatory at a fraction of the cost. Ensure that your extension benefits from our conservatory refurbishments as it offers the ability to trap and retain heat, ensuring that your Hockley property remains warm and cosy no matter how cold it is outside. Our conservatory refurbishments also offer older conservatories the ability to reflect incoming warm air, ensuring that it does not enter your Hockley home. This is especially helpful during the hotter seasons of the year, keeping your interior at a cool and comfortable temperature.

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Highly Secure

Many outdated conservatories often boast incredibly poor security. This becomes alarming for many homeowners in Hockley as it becomes a weak point in your overall home security. As such, potential threats from the outdoors can exploit your older extension’s weaknesses, causing structural damage and being susceptible to possible home invasions.

Here at Carter Glass, we offer our valued customers in Hockley the chance to reinvent and bolster their home security with our conservatory refurbishments. Ensure that you and your loved ones are sufficiently protected against any external threat, including the very worst of the British weather and possible break-ins. Utilising industry leading hardware, our conservatory refurbishments Yale and anti-tamper locks, alongside multi point locking systems. Ensure that your refurbished conservatory boasts intimidating home security that will stop any home invader in their tracks.

Conservatory Refurbishments

Low Maintenance

When it comes to older designs of conservatories, homeowners in Hockley are often left to the repetitive and sometimes costly chore of providing continual upkeep for their extensions. Instead of being able to enjoy your conservatory, you are often met with the menial task of ensuring that your extension continues to look and perform at a satisfactory level.

With our conservatory refurbishments, homeowners can benefit from a completely reinvented extension that is incredibly low maintenance. Sit back and relax in your renovated conservatory that will continue to look after itself against the very worst conditions that the natural elements can offer. Requiring minimal upkeep, all homeowners in Hockley need to do is the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to ensure that their extension continues to look and perform like new.

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Modern Conservatory Roof

When it comes to our conservatory refurbishment services, we here at Carter offer our valued customers brand new conservatory roofs for their Hockley properties. Enjoy our uPVC roofs that boast greater security, performance and, of course, style over older glass designs. Prevent annoying sun glares and the greenhouse effect with our expertly engineered designs, providing market leading insulation for a more comfortable conservatory experience.

Modern Conservatories

A conservatory refurbishments from Carter Glass is sure to revitalise your space. You can switch out your old roof for a modern, durable design which improves your home’s thermal efficiency. While older glass builds struggle in cold and hot temperatures, you can enjoy a more comfortable living space every day. As a result, you’ll save money and use your conservatory more often.

You can also replace the windows in your conservatory as part of our refurbishment services. We offer a wide range of window styles that all come with advanced double glazing as standard. Additionally, all of our windows are fully weatherproof, meaning they won’t rot, warp or discolour in any way. As a result, you can make a stylish, long-term investment in your home.

Open the door to a world of possibilities by installing a new door as part of your conservatory refurbishment. A conservatory replacement door will improve your home’s security, with durable materials and innovative security systems keeping you safe. However, they can also open more broadly, opening your home up to nature and creating a seamless transition between home and garden.


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