A Stylish & Sturdy Addition To Any Hockley Property

For homeowners in Hockley looking to breathe new life into their homes, our roof lanterns are the perfect home improvement solution that offers an extensive range of practical benefits. An incredibly versatile property piece that can easily be tailor made to your exact design specifications and your property needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for a flat roof extension, a garage conversion, an orangery or an extra addition to your kitchen room diner, we can create a roof lantern just for you.

Bespoke Designs

Suited To Any Space

Increased Natural Light

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Fully Customisable

Here at Carter Glass, we believe in offering a fully bespoke home improvement solution that is unique to each of our valued customers in Hockley. Our roof lanterns are fully customisable, readily available in a wide array of configuration options. Choose your desired finish and design to suit your own personal design and match the aesthetics of your property. Choose from our range of shapes, including square, traditional, double-hipped, octagonal or pyramid. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our customisation options.

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Thermally Efficient

Thanks to incredible double glazing and the expertly engineered design of our roof lanterns, our valued customers in Hockley can benefit from a thermally efficient home improvement solution that will dramatically transform how your property performs.

Our roof lanterns have been precision engineered to provide an efficient system that traps and retains the natural warm air found within your home, effectively insulating it. This is achieved through our roof lanterns’ thermally efficient profile, which utilises the gaps of its vacuum space between its glazing, which significantly reduces heat loss, halting the warm air from escaping to the outdoors. This ensures that your interior will always enjoy a consistently warm and cosy temperature. This can all be enjoyed without the need or cost of your central heating, allowing you to save money on the energy bill whilst still being able to stay warm.

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Enhanced Natural Lighting

Roof lanterns are renowned for their incredible ability to illuminate a property’s interior. Enjoy the natural light of the sun beaming into your Hockley home, providing an unrivalled form of light that offers a new breath of life. Relax in a naturally lit living room, dining room or kitchen as a beaming light offers sufficient brightness, without the need or cost of electrical lamps.

Save money and make your interior look and feel bigger. Natural light has the remarkable ability to make your space look and feel bigger. Benefit from increased light and space thanks to our roof lanterns channelling all the great benefits of the sun.

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Low Maintenance

Many homeowners in Hockley are often met with the same laborious and the sometimes costly chore of having to continually maintain many aspects of their property, ensuring that they do not fall into disrepair, do not have any faults, and, of course, continues to look aesthetically pleasing. However, here at Cater Glass, we don’t believe in forcing our valued customers to take care of their home improvement solutions; in fact, we believe that they should take care of you.

This is why we offer our incredibly low maintenance roof lanterns. Benefit from a product that will not only offer natural light and thermal performance but will also be able to take care of itself. Regardless of whatever the British weather decides to throw at your brand new roof lantern, it will be able to prevail against torrential rain, strong winds and other forms of heavy precipitation such as snowfall and hail. To ensure that your roof lantern continues to look and perform like new, all you need to do is the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. Simple and easy.

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The Best Quality For You

We want to provide you with a product that will continue to bring quality to your home long after it’s installation. Using high-quality materials, and an experienced team of professionals, Carter Glass will ensure we design and build you a product that you can enjoy and feel comfortable within year after year.

Bring The Outdoors In

Providing your home with a roof lantern is the perfect option for homeowners looking to brighten a space within their home using a sleek design with more glazing and fewer bars to enhance the space and bring in more light. The slim sightlines of our products will maximise the amount of natural light let into your home, giving you a space that gives the illusion of being brighter as well as bigger.

Perfect For Any Home

Perfect for any space that’s large or small. A Carter Glass roof lantern is perfect for anyone looking to open up their home, without the hassle of building a conservatory or orangery. If you have a flat roof that is outdated and in desperate need of modernisation, a roof lantern can instantly transform your space and home, utilising the space you already have. No space is too large or small.


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